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You are viewing a wonderful pair of English Hepplewhite chairs with amazing hand painted designs. True to the Hepplewhite aesthetic, these have the gorgeous shield backsplat hand carved with the distinctive festoon. The chairs also have the classically fluted legs and elegant arms. They are very comfortable to sit in, solid and sturdy with no wobbles to the joints. The seats have been reupholstered with a light green fabric, so these are free from any previous owners smells such as smoke and pets. Perhaps the best feature is the hand painted designs on every part of the chair. Flowers, rosettes, garlands, arabesques and various other Hepplewhite features are offered in intricate abundance, a real feat of painting and timely to boot. These are a design classic, perfect in all interiors, both classic and contemporary and this stunning quality pair are offered in perfect condition. George Hepplewhite (1727? - June 21, 1786) was a cabinet and chair maker. He was one of the "big three" English furniture makers of the 18th century, along with Thomas Sheraton and Thomas Chippendale. There are no pieces of furniture made by Hepplewhite or his firm known to exist but he gave his name to a distinctive style of light, elegant furniture that was fashionable between about 1775 and 1800. Reproductions of his designs continued through the following centuries. One characteristic that is seen in many of his designs, but not all of them, is a shield-shaped chair back, where an expansive shield appeared in place of a narrower splat design.

Dimensions are in inches:
Height x Width x Depth
40 x 22 x 21 Seat: 19.5

Dimensions are in CM:
Height x Width x Depth
102 x 56 x 53 Seat: 50

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