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Customer Service

Where do you ship to?

We have literally shipped to every corner of the globe. Australia, Asia, all
over the United States, Middle East, Europe, Russia...everywhere.
Please email us for a shipping quote. We use various different carriers
depending on the size of the goods and destination. On bigger ticket items
we can help with the cost of shipping as an incentive to buy. We appreciate
shipping can work out quite expensive so we are here to help getting these
wonderful items into your home. Please get in touch.

How long does shipping take?

Of course it depends where you are based and the size of the goods!
Items small enough for UPS will take 4-7 days. Larger items to mainland UK
7-10 days. Larger items to European destinations will take up to two weeks.
Larger items to the rest of the world from 6-8 weeks as we normally ship
via sea freight.

Will my goods arrive safe?

We have over forty years experience shipping various types of items
(including glass, marble, porcelain and other delicate pieces) to every
corner of the planet. Items will be professionally packed to ensure safe
arrival. Where necessary we will crate items. All our goods are sent fully

Can I view items before purchasing?

Yes, yes, yes! We have a showroom in London and a warehouse in Hertfordshire
- both happily open to the public for viewings. Our showroom is on Church
Street NW8 - just down the road from the famous Alfies Emporium. The street
is a great place to visit and is near Baker Street tube station. Please
contact us if there is an item you would like to view - not everything we
show is in our showroom as it is not big enough so it's important to make an
appointment first.

Can I pick my goods up from you?

Of course. We have a showroom in London and a warehouse facility in
Hertfordshire - where the A1 meets the M25, about 35 minutes North of London.

Do you accept layaway / payment plans on items?

Yes. We can work out a payment plan to suit your needs. We will ship the
item once the final payment has been received. We do not charge extra for
this service nor do we charge storage fees. Depending on the size and value
of the item, we can split the payment up anywhere from 2 to 6 months. Please
contact us for more details.


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