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Gillows Desks

Gillows of Lancaster and London - also referred to as Gillow and Co, was an English furniture and cabinet making firm based in Lancaster and London. The firm was originally started in Lancaster in 1728 by founder Robert Gillow who was a builder, joiner, furniture maker and cabinet maker. The initial success of the firm was based on it's ability to import mahogany from the West Indies due to Robert Gillows experience as an overseas merchant. Of course, mahogany was the favoured wood at the time for this style of cabinet making.

The Gillows stamp

We carry a range of desks and writing tables in the Gillows manner and their clean and minimal design and look makes them perfect for contemporary interiors. In 1903 Gillows merged with Warings of Liverpool to become Waring and Gillow. At one point the firm held a shop at 176 Oxford Street in London from where they sold their furniture to their prestigious client base. This shop was opened in 1770 and by 1789 there were 50 employees. In 1757 Robert (pictured below) entered into an equal partnership with his son Richard Gillow (1733-1811) until his eventual retirement in 1768.

Robert Gillow

Moving into the 1800s the company received commissions to furnish and decorate buildings in Australia, the United States, South Africa, Russia, France and Germany as their focus also shifted into interior design. This enabled the company to stay close to the cutting edge of fashion in conjunction with their high standards of craftsmanship. Of course original Gillows pieces with full provenance can command very high prices on the market hence making them a great investment. Alongside desks, Gillows and Co made display cabinets, dining chairs, cabinets and bookcases.

Gillows Desk in walnut

If you would like to view any of our Gillows style desks in our Canonbury Antiques Hertfordshire showroom then please get in touch for an appointment. The clean and elegant design to these desks in the Gillows manner makes them great for modern interiors. Please get in touch if you would like to make an appointment to view or have any other questions. 

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Please find below a great video of one of Gillows style desks plus an HD showroom tour of the Canonbury Hertfordshire antiques showroom:



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