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At Canonbury Antiques we carry a range of whatnots. What? A whatnot is a stand or bookshelf with shelves used for housing and storing small objects, books and decorative items. Kind of like a bookcase.

Whatnots - Antique Bookcases
( Whatnots - Antique Bookcases )

The eytomology of the word whatnot is interesting. From the dictionary: used to refer to an item or items that are not identified but are felt to have something in common with items already named. Hence, in Victorian times, when the whatnot as a piece of furniture first came into existence it got it's name from the pieces it used to store - all the whatnots. The flotsam and jetsam of living rooms - books, vases, trinkets, busts, sculptures etc.

Victorian Walnut Whatnot Bookcase Barley Twist 1860

(Victorian Walnut Whatnot Bookcase Barley Twist 1860 )

We have various styles of whatnots including Victorian and Edwardian and carry them in various woods including mahogany and walnut. They are a great interiors piece and a very practical piece of furniture. Come and view our range of whatnots in the Canonbury Antiques Hertfordshire showroom which is just 25 minutes north of London in the leafy Herts countryside.

Regency Black Lacquer Etagere Bookcase

Alongside our range of whatnots we also carry a range of bookcases - including breakfront bookcases, open front bookcases, Regency and Victorian bookcases. In addition, we specialise in art deco furniture, classic dining furniture, Continental antiques, bronzes, architectural antiques, Chinese porcelain and anything and everything else related to the world of interiors.

Whole range of other antique bookcases including breakfronts

(Whole range of other antique bookcases including breakfronts )

We have been in busniess since the 1960s and due to the extensive nature of our network of contacts we carry a sourcing service for interior designers. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to source it for you.


Hertfordshire antiques showroom just 25 minutes north of London


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