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Open Front Bookcases etc

Open Front Bookcases etc



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Steamer Luggage Trunks: Boarding School Memories MAY.05.2017

Steamer trunk luggages boxes bring back youthful boarding school memories. Plus bronze cavaliers, Regency commodes, lifesize bronze Barrie sculpture, Chippendale chairs, to name a few hand curated latest acquisitions...

Hark - A Sheffield Silver Plate Cherub Epergne APR.24.2017

Hark - A Sheffield Silver Plate Cherub Epergne

Sphinxes for the weekend APR.07.2017

Sphinxes for the weekend

Sheraton Cabinets and Pukka Pieces MAR.24.2017

Sheraton Cabinets and Pukka Pieces

Queen Anne Dining Chairs MAR.13.2017

Queen Anne Dining Chairs

Londons Swinging Sixties: The Birth of Canonbury Antiques FEB.17.2017

Londons Swinging Sixties: The Birth of Canonbury Antiques

Shang Ping Chinese Porcelain FEB.13.2017

Shang Ping refers to the elongated neck and bulbous body of these Chinese porcelain vases and we have various shapes and sizes...

Regency Dining Tables FEB.13.2017

Regency Dining Tables - the Regency pedestal table is such a great piece working off the leaf system so you can extend the table to suit your exact size requirements. We have various mahogany and walnut dining chairs to match...

Back to Lifesize FEB.13.2017

Back to Lifesize - large bronze animals and architectural goods great for the garden. We have a whole outside section with large bronzes including enough bronze animals to start a zoo - bronze monkeys, elephants, dogs, birds (all types), bronze alligators, bronze bears. You are having a bronze giraffe arent you?

Art Deco Console Tables FEB.13.2017

Art Deco Console Tables