Art Deco Bronze Figurine Lamp Statue Light

Piece Description

You are viewing a gorgeous French silver bronze art deco style figurine lamp. This is based in the US where we will ship from.

It\'s a classic deco pose - a study in the 1920s version of the ideal female, all nubile aerodynaminism and lithe limbs. She stands knees slightly bent as she hold the frosted glass orb aloft above her head. This is a later recasting from the original and is offered in great shape. The casting to the bronze is superb, check out details like the close ups of the hands and face which illustrate the quality.

She stands on a black tiered marble base which is smooth and chip free. The lamp is wired for the US market, so this is ready to use right away, of course it can easily be adapted for different countries with an adaptor plug. This is based in the US where we will ship from.

Dimensions are in inches:
Width x Depth x Height
9 x 6 x 27

Piece: 1335471604


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