Art Deco Silver Bronze Figurine Castanets by Gori

Piece Description

- This bronzes is based in the US where we will ship from, please email for shipping quote
- You are viewing a gorgeous art deco style bronze casting of a dancing girl with castanets by Gori
- Large (and heavy) bronze standing over two feet tall with a solid marble base
- Gori has really captured the beauty of the female form
- This is a later recasting from the original
- Patina to the bronze is superb
- Bronze is offered in great shape with no damage
- Will ship to anywhere in the world please contact

Dimensions are in inches:
Width x Depth x Height
22 x 10 x 28

72 lbs Weight

Piece: 1337272087


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Art Deco Bronzes - The Figural Form

Aesthetically the art deco figural form was influenced by Cubism, aerodynamism, female suffrage, flappers, Erte, the Ballets Ruse and Etyptomania - amongst other things..

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