Pair Mini Kids Windsor Rustic Dining Chair Chairs Antique

Piece Description

You are viewing a gorgeous pair of Windsor dining chairs - for kids! I have seen many childrens chairs in my travels - but never as a pair of Windsors. I hope the photos do these some justice, they\'re certainly more impressive in the flesh. What a lovely gift these would make - they are so well made, solid and sturdy, a lovely finish to the yew wood.

These are of course modelled on the classic Windsor chair - the archetypcal English rustic farmhouse kitchen dining chair. Incidentally if you are looking for a matching set of adult chairs we also have these! They get their name as they were manufactured near Windsor, Berks to centuries old traditions.

Get your bids in early, these won\'t be hanging around for long. We will sell these indvidually if you only need one, the price will be half.

Dimensions are in inches:
Width x Depth x Height x Seat Height x Arm Height
16 x 16 x 28 x 12 x 19

Dimensions are in CM:
Width x Depth x Height x Seat Height x Arm Height
41 x 41 x 71 x 31 x 48

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